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    Paul Ingbretson teaches the Boston School tradition in his large studio in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Dennis Sheehan teaches on-line at the Sheehan Academy.

    Melody Phaneuf teaches both classes and workshops.

    David Curtis teaches both classes and workshops. He specializes in plein aire painting.


    J.C. Airoldi teaches landscape painting in oil and pastels.

    William Davis teaches workshops in landscape painting. He is know for his luminous work.

    Don Demers teaches workshops all over the country. He specializes in Marine paintings and luminous landscapes.

    Tom Dunlay teaches workshops in Maine at Frank Benson’s house. Benson was a founder and second president of the Guild.

    Joe McGurl gives workshops and lectures. He is a well-known landscape painter.

    Mary Minifie teaches portrait and still life workshops. She is teaching a workshop in June at the Concord Art Association in June. Click the image for more information.

    Sergio Roffo gives workshops specializing in coastal landscapes.

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Educational Opportunities:Classes & Workshops

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