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Valley Farm, October

used echo chainsaw Valley Farm, October

narcos killing with chainsaw Tom Nicholas

real story texas chainsaw massacre Oil
9 x 12 in

Late Afternoon Sun

chainsaw ppe Late Afternoon Sun

john deere chainsaw j3816 Tom Nicholas

October Cumulus

chainsaw cutting problems October Cumulus

where to buy chainsaws Tom Nicholas

chainsaw chain 20 inch Oil
16 x 20

Late October, Vermont

Late October, Vermont

Tom Nicholas


Tom Nicholas

Thomas A. Nicholas was born in Middletown, Connecticut in 1934; he is the son of a Greek restaurant owner and cook. He studied with Ernst Lohrman and illustrator Harold Fisk, while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City on scholarship from 1953 to 56. In 1961 he received an invitational Greenshields Grant to study abroad in the United States for two years. Painting professionally for nearly half a century, Tom has attained an esteemed position as one of the country’s most widely recognized landscape painters. In the years since those trips he has painted on location in many of the world’s most magnificent settings including, of course, the coast of Maine. His paintings are noted for their elegant composition, fine detail and romantic sensibility.One of the youngest members ever elected to the National Academy of Design, Tom has been honored with nearly 200 awards and 40 one-man shows throughout the country. Tom Nicholas is the father of T.M. Nicholas, who is also a member of the Guild of Boston Artists.

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