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Moonlight on the Waves

lollipop chainsaw youtube Moonlight on the Waves

chainsaws youtube Sam Vokey

12 volt chainsaw Oil

Hazy Summer Evening

allis chalmers chainsaw Hazy Summer Evening

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30 x 30

Beach Roses

still chainsaw Beach Roses

dad n me chainsaw Sam Vokey


Path To The Shore

Path To The Shore

Sam Vokey


Play of Light

Play of Light

Sam Vokey


Sam Vokey

Sam Vokey was educated at Bowdoin College, and attended the R.H. Ives Gammell Studio in Boston for 4 years. His painting style is most closely associated with the “Boston School’ and his technique crosses Realism with some of the softer edges and painterly qualities of Impressionism. His paintings explore sophisticated balances both of overall composition, and of light and dark values within the composition. In 2007, Sam was awarded the John Singleton Copley Award, which is the highest honor given by The Copley Society of Boston, and was a featured artist in American Art Collector Magazine. In 2006 one of Mr Vokey’s still life’s appeared on the cover of the book “The Boston School” printed by Blue Tree Press. He is a member of the Guild of Boston Artists and he recently won the Tarbell award and the R.H.Ives Gammell Award. He has been awarded the coveted status of Copley Master by The Copley Society of Boston. In 2006, a still life by Mr Vokey was acquired by The Cape Cod Art Museum. He was the cover artist for American Artist magazine April 2005 issue. He has had 4 one-man shows at Tree’s Place, Orleans, Ma. In 2003 he was in the Vose Galleries National Invitational Show, Boston and he was the chosen artist for the annual Pop’s by the Sea painting, Hyannisport.

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