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Tang Dancer at Rest

the texas chainsaw massacre 2003 Tang Dancer at Rest

tree limb chainsaw Alberta Geyer

The Purple Kimono

craftsman chainsaw 18 42cc manual The Purple Kimono

wolfenstein the new order chainsaw Alberta Geyer

stihl 70 chainsaw Oil,
14 x 11 in.

Lunaria and Plums

hydraulic powered chainsaw Lunaria and Plums

extended electric chainsaw Alberta Geyer


Alberta Geyer

Alberta grew up in Huntington, NY on Long Island. Drawn to art since childhood, it was while in high school that the desire to paint in oils crystallized in her heart and soul. The depth and richness of oils spoke to her, as did the breadth and beauty of the representational legacy of the masters.After graduation, Alberta worked as a secretary in Manhattan, while attending night courses at Parsons School of Design. Marriage and children brought her back to Long Island, where she continued her art studies at a local college. Alberta attended the Stevenson Academy of Painting in 1992. It was there that she encountered “academic” training for the first time. Subsequently, she began studying under the tutelage of Gregg Kreutz, instructor at the Arts Students League. Though her time with him was brief, its impact was enduring, as it introduced Alberta to the concept of chiaroscuro, a technique wherein bold contrasts between light and dark are developed for dramatic effect. This technique that continues to influence her work today.After moving to New Hampshire in 1995, Alberta enrolled at The Ingbretson Studio in Manchester, New Hampshire; a private atelier focusing on academic training and the style of “the Boston School.” Her four years at the Ingbretson Studio were invaluable in the development of her artistic voice, and she continues to aspire to the ideals of truth and beauty that she discovered there. Alberta is a member of the following juried professional organizations: The Guild of Boston Artists, The New Hampshire Art Association; the American Artists Professional League, The Academic Artists Association and the Oil Painters of America. Alberta in currently living, working, and teaching in Manchester New Hampshire, with her husband and two children.
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